Handmade scented candles from Farfallagyertya

Handmade scented candles from Farfallagyertya

Farfanellagyertya brings its limited series of scented accessories to Gardenexpo for a fragrant and relaxed garden evening. Handmade candles with citronella and lavender scents work as a great insect repellent, while the strawberry and rose scented candles bring the amazing scent of a blooming garden. Farfallagyertya introduces Hungary’s first line of phosphorescent candles that will emit blue or green light in the dark after a day spent in sunlight. Their egg candles and patchwork mosaic candles will serve as perfect Easter decoration with their vivid and playful colors for a happy holiday season. Bring the amazing smell of spring to your home with Farfallagyertya!

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