Waterworld: create harmony in your garden with fountains!

Waterworld: create harmony in your garden with fountains!

2019 / 03 / 07
Waterworld: create harmony in your garden with fountains!

Water is essential for the perfect garden, but traditional water fountains hardly make a good impression when installed in a modern garden. It’s no wonder that designers aim to re-invent garden fountains for contemporary use: glass has become a popular choice, for example. The soothing sound of the flow of water, one of the most naturally occurring sounds, should be present in every garden. It brings harmony and fresh energy to outdoor areas, as well as fountains being great meeting grounds for birds and butterflies, bringing nature into our homes once again. 

Water moving up and around in the fountain symbolises the circle of life and the rebirth of nature. Create a harmonic microclimate for your garden by contrasting a calm stream of water with the energy of a violent waterfall. Don’t be afraid to ask the opinion of a gardening expert or outdoor designer – she or he may well understand your needs and how your garden can be transformed into something truly magical. And don’t be afraid to let nature flow into your garden – quite literally.

This article was written by Erika Topor, editor-in-chief at Kertportál Magazin.

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