Microgardens: a whole new microworld of succulents

Microgardens: a whole new microworld of succulents

2019 / 03 / 07
Microgardens: a whole new microworld of succulents

2019 is all about loft apartments, art deco interiors, geometric design and metallic colors. These trends have reached the art of plant decoration as well: since fountains are showing off glass accessories and solutions, we shouldn’t be afraid of the use of glass for our plants, planters and other pots. Try placing succulents in glass for a start: it’s perfect for them as they grow slowly, but need a lot of heat and less water. Ready-made mini gardens are also available, saving us a lot of time and energy, but feel free to create your own!

Grab a small pair of tweezers for easy handling of your microplants and glass pots. Depending on your own taste, setup your micro garden with cactus soil mix, decorative stones and pabbles. Glasses from Cuberick are always elegant, beautiful and modern. Play around with the various forms and colors of succulents, cacti and other microplants to create a harmonious microgarden. You only need to make sure that the plants themselves share the same needs, and you’re all set!

This article was written by Erika Topor, editor-in-chief at Kertportál Magazin.

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