Expand your home outwards - Your garden as an organic part of your home

Expand your home outwards - Your garden as an organic part of your home

2019 / 03 / 18
Kerti tippek
Expand your home outwards - Your garden as an organic part of your home

In today’s fast paced world people yearn for nature more than ever before. Outdoor couches, well-lit patios and garden kitchens have become popular and essential to everyday life because of this. There’s endless possibilities to do wonders with your garden, but you might need expert help with your decisions: we talked to Erzsébet Ács, President of the National Association of Interior Decorators about the slow merging process between indoor and outdoor areas in our homes.

Nearly all generations before us spent a lot of time outside, so what has changed in today’s world?

This well-defined distinction between outdoors and indoors was a result of urbanization - it wasn’t the same 100-200 years ago. But today’s people don’t want to work too hard in (and on) their gardens. Some people see them as hobbies, others as places of leisure, but almost no one wants to spend hours mowing the lawn in their gardens. Today, free time is more precious than ever and we don’t want to spend it working.

How is the market keeping up with what people want?

We’re getting more and more smart tools and equipment from manufacturers, making them easy to operate through our smartphones - watering systems and lawn mowers included. Outdoor wellness is also getting popular with the same sort of smart solutions available for them as well. Garden smart lighting systems can be pre-programmed and operated through are phones as well. And there are outdoor stalls available with solar panels for heating water.

What about the modern identity of garden furniture?

Endless technological innovations make sure that anyone can get durable, quality furniture and other accessories without the need for constant maintenance. Most of these look just like furniture straight from the living room! You wouldn’t want to spend tiring minutes with moving your furniture in and out of your home - so manufacturers are designing waterproof and weatherproof pillows, etc. Manufacturers are adapting to modern needs.

Is there innovation in the field of garden accessories and decor items?

I had the chance to see for myself a wonderful outdoor carpet collection made of plastic bottles, designed for outdoor floors and terraces. A variety of curtains are also available that stand the test of time and weather. You don’t have to be afraid of using fabric outside anymore - they bring a distinct visual style to any garden in any season. The same goes for outdoor decor items: use them the same way as you would in your living room or any other part of your home. Try installing mood lighting in your garden and terrace. As you can see, there are countless options for you: the only thing important is to find harmony between your outdoor and indoor areas.

So where should you start when refurbishing or re-designing your garden?

It’s important to get inspired - visit gardens of friends, family, or look around on the Internet. Read about gardens in gardening magazines. Find the design that suits you and your personality best, and try to decide on a budget. There’s really endless possibilities, so it’s up to you - and your wallet. Be open to ideas and don’t give up on expert advice. Visit Gardenexpo, because it’s a true platform for experts and hobby gardeners to share knowledge, experience, tips and tricks. Sign up for free garden design advice and discover exciting manufacturers and distributors at the Budapest Arena.

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