Find the perfect garden for you!

Find the perfect garden for you!

2019 / 03 / 15
Find the perfect garden for you!

In recent years, boundaries between your indoor and outdoor areas have been slowly going away - because of this new trend, it has become fashionable to design outdoor areas with the same level of care that you would do with your living room, or any other part of your home. It can be the elegantly connected visual style of your decor items, your tables, furniture, chairs or even lamps, or it could be any other way: the point is to create harmony through design. You can find an endless number of ideas for smart garden design at Gardenexpo between March 22-24, where professional garden designers, along with Béla Kazsuk, the owner of Budai Kertcentrum, will share their knowledge with visitors. It’s only a few days left - until then, read on for a few tips and tricks from us!

Shapes and lines

“Less is more” has become a staple of modern garden designs. From seed beds through terraces, patios and porches to any decor and furniture item in the garden, all should follow a clear pattern: straight lines, geometric design, strict edges. In a modern garden, perfect lawns make their visual mark. Plant evergreens and other decorational plants based on what season it is. Plant them next to the pavement on their own or in a group. But don’t make it too colorful! A modern garden shouldn’t feature more than three different colors next to each other.

A rural touch

If you’re more into colors, instead of a modern garden, go for a vintage, romantic garden with a touch of the pastoral countryside. These gardens are full of vivid colors, flowers and plants anytime of the year, so the overall design and look is a bit “all over the place”, with no clear edges and boundaries. In the typical rural English garden there’s not a single patch of grass that is left as it is: small garden roads, trails come to and from your home and in between the tightly planted flowers and seed beds. In these gardens, nature is the visual organizer. Nature creates harmony. In a rural-style garden, lawn is merely an accessory, as opposed to being the “main attraction” - here, the primary focus is on the plants, trees, shrubs and so fort. Don’t be afraid to go wild on colors - even in a single flower bed!

Let’s go Mediterranean!

Mediterranean style is for those who love strong, vivid colors that come alive in clear sunlight, and drought-tolerant plants such as rockroses, the Spanish lavender or rosemary. Rock gardens, herbs and aromatic plants and evergreens are popular choices to include in Mediterranean gardens. Plants, furniture and other accessories and decor items create a harmony that resemble a romantic village from Southern Italy. Organic and natural materials are essential for a vintage effect. Get rid of boring, grey walls and paint them as white as you can for a real Mediterranean touch! Water is another essential member of these gardens: introduce a small stream, a fountain or even a wooden cask. And don’t forget the most essential member of your Mediterranean garden: sunlight. Without that typical summer heat and sunlight, Mediterranean designs are worth nothing!

Flowers everywhere

Plants and flowers dominate the visual appearance of so-called “nature-friendly gardens”. Even if you’d like to reserve some space for home components, try to re-create them in the most organic way! Instead of a grill, go for a traditional fireplace. Instead of a hanging chair, go for a hammock! With their wild varieties of colorful flowers, these types of gardens don’t need that perfect lawn - leave it “imperfect” here and there so that it resembles a grass field more than a city park. But even these “wild” gardens need the same level of care and maintenance, especially in the heat of summer, where grass could be damaged by strong sunlight if you don’t look after it.

Be yourself 

If you’re struggling to come up with the garden design that suits you or your family the best, visit Hungary’s only outdoor living exhibition and explore the world of garden design! Between March 22-24 at the Budapest Arena, Gardenexpo offers a platform for professionals and hobby gardeners to share their knowledge and ideas. Prepare your questions and don’t afraid to ask the experts at the Gardenexpo! Visit the Budapest Arena and let’s celebrate spring together!

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