Prepare your garden for spring - The best tips and tricks

Prepare your garden for spring - The best tips and tricks

2019 / 03 / 14
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Prepare your garden for spring - The best tips and tricks

With the arrival of the first rays of spring, nature and gardens are slowly awakening from their winter dreams. This prompts hobby gardeners to crawl out of their homes and jump right into gardening works. It’s time for you, too, to draw out plans regarding your garden - think of preparation works, deciding where all those seed beds and flower beds go, getting rid of weeds and fertilization. Read below for the most essential tricks and tips for a green garden for spring and summer!

Plan ahead!

Spring is ideal for gardening plans. Winter takes its toll on all gardens, so it’s time to rejuvenate green areas around your home. First, draw an overhead plan of your garden and mark the spots for the different plants and flowers you desire to cultivate. This should be well enough for starting your hobby gardening season, but if you’re about to build a whole garden from scratch for your new home, you might want to ask for the help of a garden specialist or garden designer. There are several factors that can have long-lasting effects on your garden and the plants in it, such as distance between seed beds, plants and trees; there’s much to know about soil types and what implications this has on your future garden. Families with small children, for example, you have to avoid the planting of toxic and poisonous plants (there are much more of them around than you would think!) - bottom line: for more complex gardening works, definitely ask the expert!

Getting the plants

After the plans and the soil is ready, it’s time for the most exciting aspect of any garden: plants. For a start, don’t follow your instincts by falling in love at first sight with every flower and plant you see in the shop! There’s more to plants than their color and height. If you’re not fully aware of the exact needs of your plants, you might easily end up disappointed with your garden. The most important aspects of a plant’s needs are: light, water and soil. Sunlight loving roses should not be planted at the feet of a shadowy wall around your house, while hortensia is a flower that needs less sunlight than usual. Getting water and soil right is an easier task: just be aware of the know-how of watering techniques and the different tricks of soil adjustment with the help of sand and other fixing agents.

Garden tools

Without the essential tools, don’t even start! This isn’t a very long list - for basic gardening works you’ll need a spade, a hoe, a rake, watering cans and a few garden gloves. And for advanced works around the house, get a quality pruner, and a few smaller hand tools for fine gardening works, a hand cultivator and a pitchfork. If you have a lawn, you’ll not be surprised to hear that a lawn mower is a must-have, as well as a grass trimmer.

Planting pattern

Beautiful, neat lawn is essential for the perfect garden. Getting your lawn ready for spring can have several methods: overseeding is always a great choice, and use turf to cover bigger patches. Then you can prepare the planting spots and beds for your kitchen garden, herb garden and flower garden. In the first half of spring fruit trees, hedges, roses and other decorative plants can be put into the ground once winter frost goes away for good. 

Ask the expert!

Don’t forget that gardening shouldn’t be work: it’s a hobby. It should be a productive and enjoyable way to spend your time around your house. To reduce stress that can go with gardening work, ask your friends, neighbours and professionals for help. Gardenexpo is the perfect platform for exchanging ideas as this is the place where professionals and hobby gardeners can share their knowledge with each other. Visit Budapest Arena for Hungary’s only outdoor living exhibition between March 22-24. - explore award-winning garden installations, a broad range of beautiful garden furnitures, grills, pools, pergolas, garden machines and equipment and meet Hungary’s leading gardening experts. Don’t miss out on Gardenexpo, celebrate spring with us!

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