5 oudoor living trends to transform your garden

5 oudoor living trends to transform your garden

2019 / 03 / 12
5 oudoor living trends to transform your garden

As the sunny season arrives, you must be dying to spend a day outside! And we just might have a few amazing tips for transforming your outdoor areas at home. Whether you’re about to start refurbishing work in your garden or you’re simply looking for a few tricks, read on to learn about the latest outdoor trends!

Outdoor living room

Now that it’s spring again, why not spend most of your time in the garden? Expanding your living space in the garden will result in more ways to welcome your friends at home, as well as less garden work! Think of your garden as part of your apartment or house, and set it up with chairs and even couches and tables: make it a real social area! This will result in a smaller lawn surface to maintain and more time for simple social pleasures.

Be unique!

In recent years, the field of interior decoration has been flourishing with visually striking solutions and extraordinary design trends. These trends are now extended to outdoor areas as well! Go for exciting textures and visual patterns, striking colors and big-leaved plants for a fresh and modern twist on your garden. Colorful planters, vivid flowers, exposed industrial surfaces and tile solutions all contribute to the fresh and unique look of your modern garden.

Don’t be afraid of colors!

The age of those grey and black garden furnitures are over. Strong and unique colors make your garden a happier place that speaks of your personality and character as well! There are endless possibilities: blue, purple, yellow, orange, they all work! With colors come the question of textures and patterns: with the right combination of these, you can make your garden a real source of energy and freshness! Younger generations are truly designing their gardens as if it were their living room, with vibrant and vivid colors, bringing furniture in focus. Let your imagination run wild, but remember: sometimes less is more.

Mediterranean elegance

If you’re not really into vivid color schemes, don’t worry! It could be that the patio of your dreams just happens to be of an elegant, clean mediterranean design, putting the emphasis on minimalist, white garden furniture and a touch of nature. Let the sunshine in: pick a shading appliance that transforms your porch, patio or terrace into a place of wonders! Use light wooden surfaces and ropes to bring back memories of the seafront!

Rustic surfaces

2019 is the year when the strict visual principles of modernism with its unified surfaces and straight edges will be replaced by rustic gabion walls! These surfaces are still straight and bear a strong geometric effect, but still offer an organic visual touch with the varying sizes and forms of their natural stones. With the right choice of colors and shades this can result in an effect you could never achieve with unbroken surfaces.

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