Exciting outdoor trends

Exciting outdoor trends

2020 / 03 / 09
Exciting outdoor trends

The mental health benefits of outdoor activities are outstanding. Spending time in nature and in your garden will always result in an increased quality of life. The growing demand for outdoor home design solutions blurs the boundaries between outdoors and indoors. The planning, construction, furnishing and decoration of a home garden can get the same level of scrupulous attention as for indoor areas. The terrace has become the extension of your living room; it is an essential part of your home now, giving more weight to each and every detail of the exterior. We are now going to take a look at some of the more popular design ideas for a warm and welcoming home garden!

The many faces of modular furniture

One of the consequences of the above mentioned trend is the growing popularity of modular furniture, essential to undisturbed garden moments for you and your family, thanks to their mobility and variability. These ergonomic and multi-functional systems adapt extremely well to any size and shape of space with their diverse range of furniture elements.

The harmony of tradition and modern technologies: rattan

The popular trend of rattan furniture brings a harmonious balance of traditional wicker weaving and modern furniture design to your garden. Whether chairs, tables or even lamps, rattan furniture pieces are re-imagining all-time classics with a contemporary twist. Imagine a hand-woven outdoor sunbed with synthetic materials and an aluminum frame for maximum relaxation! The Miniforms Colony collection, for example, is worth mentioning, highlighting the Colony home partition and armchair. Wicker is once again in focus, bringing the art of weaving and modern furniture manufacture together in a spectacular manner.

Green, the color of life

The color green is one of the most important trends of 2020, reaching all corners of your home including the garden. Outdoor solutions will increasingly include anything that serves the ultimate purpose of reaching an ideal level of sustainability and proximity to nature: all shades of green will appear on furniture, surfaces, decoration, and even in the form of plants.

Make the garden your own!

Decorating the exterior parts of your home is a complex task. Even functional elements such as fireplaces will add a lot to the aesthetic qualities of your space. Statue-like fireplaces are really functional pieces of art - they’re very easy to install and use, and their character has an unmistakable effect on your terrace and garden. Smaller decor items such as ottomans, side tables and planters are getting more and more popular as well, as these are essential tools in establishing the atmosphere of the exteriors of your home, and we haven’t even mentioned lamps and rugs. Whatever you go with, it is important to give an identity to your garden.

Outdoor comfort

Design solutions for outdoor home areas are getting softer and more more comfortable each year, as manufacturers agree that - regardless of fashionable material and color use - each and every detail of garden furniture has to serve maximum comfort and timelessness. Nowadays there are endless possibilities, without having to compromise on durability and ergonomics. Large cushions and comfortable surfaces are having their moment, contributing the ultimate garden experience in your home. Natural materials are also popular.

GardenExpo awaits you with the most diverse and exciting outdoor solutions, furniture and accessories! Come to the Budapest Arena and enter the world of premium design brands and reliable garden tools, and find the garden of your dreams! Until then, follow us on Facebook and Instagram for fresh garden ideas and inspiration!

Our professional assistant for the article was Zselyke Szendrey.

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