6 styles to bring a touch luxury to your garden

6 styles to bring a touch luxury to your garden

2022 / 02 / 15
6 styles to bring a touch luxury to your garden

If you want a garden that’s truly personal and thoughtful, it’s worth starting conceptualizing in an abstract manner. To avoid getting lost in the maze of technical parameters at the outset, take a step back and imagine the garden of your dreams, find the feelings, tones and moods that will make you happy not just now, but in the long run! Draw inspiration from memories you hold dear, from holidays and from cultures that are close to your heart. This is the spirit in which our partner Renson, represented by Predex, has been creating and developing its product range for over a century. It manufactures pergolas, facades and carports that, thanks to their innovative and user-friendly design, make the everyday life of design lovers easier in order to contribute to unforgettable garden moments. Discover the Renson way of life and draw inspiration for your own garden from their 6 distinct yet uniformly breathtaking design concepts!

Crystal Lounge

Crystal Lounge is for anyone who loves pure nature. The style is based on fresh colors: shades of greenish beige, aqua green and bright green gray. Materials are organically balanced, matte glass provides transparency while stylish woven textures enhance airiness. It feels like a never-ending film in which nature takes center stage, with the sunlight dancing through the branches and the gentle sway of flowers dictating the rhythm.

Tech Cocoon

The Tech Cocoon style is set by the playful texture of composite materials. Ranging from coral red to terracotta pink, it creates a relaxing southern ambience, energized by freshly peeled citrus. An energetic coral color palette is complemented by greenish undertones of whites and soft grays, while orange-pink adds a warm and youthful accent to this bright style. A sense of pure transparency is paramount, with the emphasis on technical materials such as glass and metal.

Earth Oasis

The warm earth tones evoke a sense of summer, the essence of which is embodied in the terracotta - literally "baked earth" - a tone that has been popular for centuries. The palette was created with the muted orange-pink of terracotta, the powdery brown of spices and the matte reddish-brown texture of almonds as reference points, evoking the warm colors and materials of the South and transporting us to lands bathed in sunshine.

Pure Essence

With its pale colors and soft finishes, this style resembles a sense of lightness, creating the perfect ethereal environment for relaxation. The basic colors of Pure Essence are clay, sand and natural whites: the silky whiteness of cotton, the delicate cream tones of shellfish or the off-white-pink shade of a soap. The different textures reflect and refract the light, and the natural finishes and materials ensure that this style doesn’t become too plain and bare.

Spiritual Harmony

Inspired by Japanese architecture, this contemporary style balances body and soul. The color palette of Spiritual Harmony is inspired by the colors and materials used for ancient Japanese temples: darkened wood, visibly grained walnut with light beige and olive green tones create a safe, calming atmosphere. The garden studio evokes the meditative serenity and tranquility of traditional tea ceremonies, creating an opportunity to experience the changing seasons in a seamless way.

Idyllic Garden

The colors and materials of the Idyllic Garden are inspired by the land of dolce far niente, Italy. It is the ideal choice for those who want to create the conditions for quality, elegance and relaxation in their garden. The sober grays, subtle greens inspired by plants, the nuanced sand color of travertine and the vibrant texture of the lines create a modern look.

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