Sauna, study, yoga room in the garden

Sauna, study, yoga room in the garden

2022 / 02 / 15
Kerti tippek
Sauna, study, yoga room in the garden

It may not be new to say that the line between inside and outside has blurred over the years, but what exactly does this mean in practice? How can we create a sense of closeness to nature between four walls? Can we build comfort and security without significantly altering or damaging the flora and fauna around us? NanoHouse is a prime example of this trend, with its revolutionary solutions that really create a gateway: a sauna, a study, a yoga room or a hideaway in the garden, or even bringing nature into the room with a stylish and smoke-free fireplace. Find out more about them and their cutting-edge brands!

About NanoHouse

In recent years, we have become more conscious of sustainable solutions in our everyday lives. The rise of environmental awareness in architecture is becoming more and more prevalent, while the code that works inside us intensely feeds the desire to go back to where we came from: back to nature! The old adage urges us to recognise the chains forged in our social cooperation and to be able to reconnect with our natural selves and our instinctive goodness since the Enlightenment movement (more precisely Rousseau). NanoHouse’s products offer quality help to modern humans in their search for harmony and authentic experience. The brand was created with the aim of showing how the space we reside in can be transformed into a room of quality experience through alternative solutions. And the usecases are limited only by the imagination: office, meeting room, yoga studio, music room, play area etc.

ÖÖD Mirror houses

ÖÖD’s nanohouses blend into the environment, whether it’s a crowded urban space or a forest thicket. The premium mirror house concept is the brainchild of an Estonian start-up, while NanoHouse, the exclusive Hungarian distributor of the houses, will debut at GardenExpo.


KOTO, a UK-based studio founded by three young designers, designs modular houses, cabins and sculptural small buildings, all inspired by Scandinavian culture. Over time, the brand has also looked to the minimalist world of Japanese design, with a focus on functionality. Their palette includes creative children’s playhouses, home office spaces and residential homes.


"Why not have a fireplace that looks beautiful, is smoke-free, environmentally friendly, easy to install and easy to use?" This was the question a Swedish development engineer asked himself when he moved from house to flat. In response, the VAUNI bio-fireplace was born, combining cutting-edge aesthetics and manufacturing innovation.

Explore ÖÖD’s groundbreaking mirror houses at the NanoHouse stand and discover innovative, close-to-nature design trends at GardenExpo 2022, between 25-27 March at the Budapest Arena! In the meantime, subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more exciting content!

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