Garden trend guide for 2022

Garden trend guide for 2022

2022 / 02 / 15
Garden trend guide for 2022

Every piece of land holds infinite possibilities. Whether it’s a cozy downtown balcony, a breezy suburban patio, or an extensive backyard suitable for the next Super Bowl, you should tap into the potential of your garden, because it’s guaranteed to give you back more than you invest. If you’re looking to create unforgettable moments outdoors, building, renovating or just looking for inspiring tips, stay tuned! In this article, 0614 Design expert Kata Hortobágyi has put together a collection of key trends that you can use to turn your garden or terrace into an oasis.

Large stones

A popular trend in gardens is the use of irregularly shaped and large stones. You’ve already seen rustic-looking stone slabs used as walkways and garden paths, but this year you can use them to cover your entire patio. The gaps between the elements open a further creative playground: you can enhance the visual effect with tiny pebbles, small colorful plants or soft green grass for a more uniform layout.

Zen gardens

Do you prefer clean, uncluttered layouts? Are you passionate about Asian culture? Or do you yearn for an environment that supports your peace of mind in this unpredictable world? Whether you have a large garden or a small balcony, you can create a calming oasis with a unique Japanese cultural blend of bonsai, bamboo, beautiful pebbles and water.

Natural materials

Surrounding yourself with natural materials is a popular choice both indoors and outdoors, but for gardens and terraces you should also think about how you can protect your furniture and accessories from the elements. After all, if you’re constantly replacing and repairing your items because of the harshness of time’s iron teeth, you’re ultimately not making any progress on the road to sustainability. Outside, wood, rattan and various plant fibers are great materials to use, and rope and macramé furniture are also in these days. Combine these with white surfaces for a clean, youthful effect that is sure to appeal to those who like a natural look.

Tiered terraces

Tiered terraces are an attractive construction not only on sloping terrain but also on smaller terraces. Each level can have a different function, so you can use the space given in a really interesting and creative way. You can transform the levels into furniture with seating cushions and create a secret garden in your home with plants of different sizes and types.

Tropical jungles

Travel restrictions continue to deter many people from exotic getaways, so now is the time to bring the tropical vibe within reach. Fortunately, a significant proportion of tropical plants and flowers will survive magnificently in almost any climate, and the variety of species available is almost unimaginably rich. With careful planting and care, you can soon have your own jungle under your window. However, it is worthwhile to select separate, movable containers and pots for the plants to make a home in, so that they can successfully survive winter indoors.

Bohemian colors

Colorful, patterned weavings, macramé and hippie-style objects can bring a bohemian character not only indoors, but also outdoors. Combine rag rugs, ragged wood and ceramic accessories with eclectic plants for guaranteed success!


Like wood, terracotta is a timeless classic in styling, especially in gardens and terraces. The simple, warm shades of pots, exposed brick compositions, terracotta painted walls combined with lush green plants can evoke a Mediterranean dolce vita feel anywhere in the world.

Sustainable gardens

In today’s agricultural practices, instead of collaborating with nature, we tend to defy it. That is why it is important to have a small eco-garden or a larger, so-called permaculture garden at home that does not kill pollinating insects or deplete the soil. Finding the right plant grouping, crop rotation, the introduction of useful insects, mulching and the use of chemical-free, insect-friendly pesticides are all key elements of this approach. Luckily, there is a growing number of guides and books helping you to master sustainable gardening skills.

Vertical gardens

In many cases, the shrinking living space in our everyday lives spurs us to come up with creative solutions. One of these is the unconventional vertical expansion, which is now also becoming increasingly popular both indoors and outdoors. In a vertical garden, plants can grow on top of each other, which is not only useful, but often adds a decorative touch of color to a corner of the garden.

Black on black

Monochrome is popular not only in fashion, but also in interior and exterior design. This year, for example, black is dominating the walls, furniture and accessories, providing a perfect backdrop for greenery in different shades and shapes, or even colorful floral arrangements.

Dedicated serenity

Gardens provide a great space to recharge, so it’s beneficial to have a dedicated spot where you can just relax, read or take a nap. A great solution is a large outdoor recliner, hammock or a comfortable outdoor sofa with lots of cushions.


Murals are popular decorative elements in nightclubs and other catering venues, and you can easily bring them to the accent surfaces of your own home. Add a splash of color to your surroundings with paintings that mimic lush greenery, or create an inspiring, artistic atmosphere with flashy color combinations and abstract shapes.

Vintage furniture

Old furniture from flea markets or family members add an exciting, unique twist to your garden, furthermore, you can breathe new life into an outdated item. Avoid newly made pieces with fake vintage style. A somewhat time-worn, rusty bench will always be more visually stimulating than a freshly made replica.

Limestone and white

The combination of limestone and white shades evokes the simplicity and natural ease of a modern Mediterranean home.

Versatile wooden slats

With thin wooden slats, anything is possible: they can be used to make simple benches, floor coverings, striking wall panels or shades. The banded layout creates a nice rhythm that goes well with modern buildings, wooden decking and brick walls.

Creative plant holders

If you’re not in the mood (or position) to embark on a major renovation project, but still want to spruce up your home, you might want to start with a plant pot. You don’t even have to buy fancy designer planters, you can paint, glue and repurpose existing materials creatively - the only limit is your imagination!


Building and maintaining a large swimming pool is not only expensive, but it is also an investment that constantly requires a lot of water, so it is not exactly an environmentally friendly project. Fortunately, with the rise of the green-minded lifestyle, ’mini pools’ have become fashionable, taking up little space and requiring less water, but perfect for cooling off with meditative dips.


An eye-catching and practical fire pit can be the center of the garden in summer, where you can gather around for barbecues, sharing a warm meal or a casual conversation with your loved ones. But safety is key - remember, only start a fire in a place that prevents the spread of flames!

Gravel gardens

With a little creativity and a lot of pebbles, you can create a beautiful, tidy and modern garden without spending a fortune. Another advantage of gravel paving is that it helps with drainage, so you don’t have to wait hours for the ponds to dry out after a light rainfall.

Minimal furniture

Furniture with natural colors and simple shapes are perfect for a more understated layout, and can easily be mixed and matched with bolder styles as well. Today, there are many solutions available on the market that are made in accordance with the latest technological advances and technical sophistication by manufacturers who also devote considerable energy and attention to reducing environmental impact.

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