Outdoor decoration at its best: get the most out of your garden or balcony!

Outdoor decoration at its best: get the most out of your garden or balcony!

2022 / 03 / 14
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Outdoor decoration at its best: get the most out of your garden or balcony!

Spring is on our doorstep, we can finally escape the four walls. Patio and garden owners know that the outside spaces of our homes are not just a area to maintain, but also a place of opportunity: we can move our home office out into the fresh air, relax, have a barbecue or have fun with family and friends.

To create unforgettable outdoor experiences, you need more than just the basics: a combination of carefully selected furniture, lighting and decorative elements can bring an enjoyable environment to life. In this article, we go through the range of products from our partner Jysk to find the pieces you need to build your own oasis.

Let’s start with the basics - outdoor furniture

Weatherproof furniture has many advantages. You can leave it outside all year round and use it shortly after the rain has stopped. The fabrics are typically UV-protected so they retain their color for a long time, and the stain-resistant and easy-to-clean covers are child’s play to maintain, so you can save time, too.

Jysk’s UHRE and ODDE sets, specially designed for outdoor use, have acrylic materials and sponges that are designed to allow water to flow through them instead of being sucked in. The pads dry in a few hours depending on wind and temperature. You can choose between individual pieces of furniture according to your needs, or even order them together in two, three or larger versions.

More light! - cozy outdoor lighting

If you want to make the most of your garden, you also need outdoor lighting, and a simple outdoor lamp mounted on the wall of your house is not enough. You can add a romantic or even festive feel to your outdoor space with a string of lights and moody lanterns. There are basically three types of decorative lighting to consider during the design process.

You can rely on lights directly connected to the main power source at any time of day, even at night, but it’s handy to have a suitable socket outside the house, as you’ll need to leave a door or window open if you use an extension cord to power the lights from inside. This, even if you install a magnetic mosquito net, will give light-loving insects a way in.

If you don’t have an outdoor power source in your home, you can choose from lights powered by an AA/AAA battery or solar panel. Products that use replaceable batteries can easily be placed on a table or moved freely between your outdoor resting areas, but you will need to replace batteries sooner or later, so it’s good to be prepared and always keep a spare set of batteries at home.

With solar lamp solutions, you are opting for lights that are sustainable in the long term, but always take into account the location of your terrace or garden, the number of hours of sunlight and the performance of the lamp.

Candle lamps create a very romantic effect. These are mainly used for mood lighting, some with a very special pattern to add an exciting twist to the play of flames.

Comfort and style - outdoor textiles

Cushions and blankets are an essential part of creating comfort, and apart from being cozy and practical, they also serve as a stylish addition to the outdoor living concept. Classic blankets and cushions should be kept away from moisture, but you can also choose from cushions specifically designed for outdoor use.

And don’t forget the outdoor carpet and hammocks! A comfortable hammock can be a loyal companion not only at home, but also on holiday, if you find a suitable place to mount them on.

The final touch - outdoor decoration

Outdoor decorations are the icing on the cake: they can really make your patio or garden look like an extension of your living room. Whether it’s planters, plant stands or sculptures, you can choose from a wide range of plastic, rattan, stone, concrete or metal accessories to suit your taste.

If you want to decorate a smaller space, consider a tiered layout! Raised, minimalist-style planters or ladder-style stands are great for smaller spaces, and some products even have extra surfaces for tools, small items or plants.

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