The masters of outdoor cooking, grill and BBQ

The masters of outdoor cooking, grill and BBQ

2022 / 03 / 15
The masters of outdoor cooking, grill and BBQ

There are few greater things than outdoor cooking. The crunchy vegetables grilled to perfection, the flavorful, juicy meats and the rich aroma of the smoke evoke our sweetest memories, and cooking in the garden with friends and family is always a delightful social event. At this year’s GardenExpo, you’ll find a number of excellent local brands and distributors offering a carefully selected range of products - even custom-made grill stations - to help you host unforgettable garden feasts for your loved ones. Are you a practical gas grill chef, self-thought smoker champion, dedicated wood and charcoal enthusiast or a traditionalist kettle fan? Then you’ll surely find the suitable solution with our partners. Meet them in our selection!


Spatrend brings the uncompromising wellness experience home with gorgeous outdoor furniture, saunas, pools and shades - not to mention premium barbecues and smokers. In the same spirit, they offer grills for both private and professional use, making outdoor barbecuing a pleasure.

You’ll find premium brands such as Canada’s Broil King, famous for its fantastic gas grills, Kamado Chef, the legendary ceramic grills of Far Eastern origin, Cactus Jack, known as the king of classic and portable smoker trolleys, and Ofyr, the maker of artistic fire pits.


For Grilldepot, it is important that everyone can share the inimitable barbecue experience, regardless of their budget. Their product range includes both cheaper tabletop grills and top-notch models from premium brands. You can explore the products in person at their specialist shop in Jászberény, or browse their website from the comfort of your home, not only for charcoal, gas, pellet and electric grills, fire pits, BBQ ovens, smokers, but also for accessories: private label Grilldepot, Weber, Landmann, Beefbox, Organic Smoke ovens, Thermopro and Inkbird thermometers and additive-free JD’s BBQ products are waiting for you.

At GardenExpo you will be able to get a closer look at Grilldepot’s own brand ovens, SMOKEY JOCKY Offset Smoker, BBQ Rocket Pellet Smoker, Classy 54 Spherical Grill, ELITE and BIG JACK Pellet Grills, Steel Egg Steel Kamado Grill, Kamado Ceramic Grills.

Kamado bono

Kamado Bono Hungary is a unique distributor of the Lithuanian company Kamado Bono, a manufacturer of ceramic barbecues and BBQ grills. The company distributes not only ovens, but also cooking accessories: cooking pots, stainless steel utensils, charcoal and smoked wood products, spices and other accessories. The unique shape of the Kamado Bono allows heat to be evenly distributed inside the grill - food cooks faster with very little moisture loss, and thanks to good insulation, less charcoal is needed to reach the desired temperature. So you can treat yourself and your loved ones to perfect, succulent meat.

Oven grill

Bacon frying, grilling, braising, stewing or kettle cooking - whichever method is close to your heart, Oven Grill will be your reliable partner. With their uniquely built, multifunctional outdoor grills, you can easily do all of the above, grill any meat, fish and vegetables for yourself or a larger group of friends. So you don’t have to commit to one outdoor kitchen solution or find space for different types of grills in your garden, but can prepare for garden parties with an easy-to-clean, on-demand and ergonomic solution.


Ro-Zsó is a real standout in the field of mobile lava rock kilns. They produce modern ovens for traditional tastes, which can be installed and ready for use in two hours and heated up in 50-60 minutes with minimal fuel. In addition to mobile ovens, you’ll also find barbecue and roasting ovens, cast iron pans and accessories such as shashlik ovens, cookstoves and pig roasting trays.

Take your culinary skills to the next level at GardenExpo at the Budapest Arena! The country’s largest garden lifestyle exhibition will not only feature great brands and new products, but you can also gain useful insight from experienced experts.

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