Take the plunge: premium pool, hot tub or jacuzzi?

Take the plunge: premium pool, hot tub or jacuzzi?

2022 / 03 / 22
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Take the plunge: premium pool, hot tub or jacuzzi?

Real luxury can be created at home. With a stylish pool or an innovative jacuzzi, you can brighten up your garden and enjoy the soothing touch of water on your own terms. Moreover, thanks to heated massage pools and jetted tubs, you can crown the day with a relaxing dip not just in summer, but at any time of year.

However, choosing the perfect pool is a challenging task, as you should take several aspects into account during the process: the features of your home, the natural rhythm of everyday life and the planned ways of use, just to mention a few. At this year’s GardenExpo, you’ll discover a myriad of premium solutions: our partners will not only be waiting for you in the Budapest Arena with the latest novelties and marvelous discounts, but will also offer expert help to find the tailor-made solution that will bring you and the whole family long-term pleasure. Join us!

Compact multifunctionality - whirlpool spas and massage pools

One of the reasons for the unbroken popularity of jacuzzis is that they can be easily installed in almost any environment. They don’t need a huge backyard, they can be set up on a city terrace or in a conservatory and used all year round. There’s an amazingly wide range to choose from these days - not only in terms of seating capacity, but also regarding design, extra features and programmes.

Jacuzzis can fulfill both individual or private and social functions. They can help relieve stress and recharge after a tiring day, but they are also a great way to get together at a house party or a gathering of family and friends. It’s also an excellent and safe choice for families with young children, especially at a time when the kids are not yet confident swimmers.

Massage pools are very useful in alleviating head, neck, back and leg pain due to their muscle relaxing effect, they can also help during rehabilitation (recovering from sport injuries), even in boosting metabolism, and thus diet. At this year’s GardenExpo, you can find out more about LuxeSpa, SpaTrend, Vital Spa, Artesian SpasWellis, Monaco Spa and Jacuzzi Arena in this category.

The timeless classic - swimming pools

There’s nothing better than being able to make a splash during the sweltering summer heat in your own private garden, alone or with loved ones. If you have enough space in your garden and like to start or end the day with a few sporty strokes, you should invest in a quality swimming pool this year! With a range of sizes, materials and designs to choose from, you’re guaranteed a luxurious experience and a substantial water surface. At this weekend’s GardenExpo, you can get guidance and support from the experts at Compass Pools and Ampron, who have specially designed solutions that are durable, quick to install or even self-cleaning.

Active and innovative - swim spas

Even if your garden is not big enough to accommodate a swimming pool, you don’t have to give up your daily sport. Swim spas can fit into a relatively small space and their innovative technology is highly efficient in creating the right environment for training or casual swimming. You can see this for yourself at GardenExpo: if you arrive at the Hydropool stand in time, you can see Attila Mányoki, open water long distance swimmer, or László Cseh, world and European champion, six-time Olympic medallist, in action. You can also find swim spas like these at Wellis and Monaco Spa.

Traditional and romantic - hot tub

If you’ve been looking at private domestic accommodation over the last few years, you’re guaranteed to have seen a spa bath in at least one of the pictures. These traditional ’mini-pools’ combine the precious artisanal heritage of the old days with the key features of modern day wellness, allowing for a comfortable yet natural relaxation that is great to experience alone or in company. In addition to their authentic appearance and traditional design, they also offer the advantage of chemical-free bathing, as the presence of the right amount of salt prevents the growth of organisms that cause discolouration and unpleasant odors.

Depending on the material used, you can enjoy the unfathomable peace of mind provided by the wooden tub for over 20 years (or even 50 in the case of thermowood). Made from Siberian pine, larch, oak, acacia, thermowood, they are typically wood-fired, but are also available with gas heating. This year’s GardenExpo will be the first time that Dinnyés Csaba - a fifth-generation cooper master and one of the last champions of his profession making tubs, baths, jacuzzis and saunas - to make an appearance.

Let’s celebrate spring together: come to the GardenExpo in the Budapest Arena to discover the greatest domestic and international pool and hot tub brands! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more information about this year’s exhibitors, the latest garden trends and design ideas!

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